Friday, June 6, 2014

Small Bluets

Small Bluet, Tiny Bluet, Star Violet
This tiny low growing blue flower is to be found in fields and pastures, along roadsides, and in other open sunny places, including cemeteries and lawns, sometimes painting an entire lawn blue in early spring. This patch of Small Bluets was found just outside Brownlow cemetery in Butler County, Kansas.

Small Bluet, Brownlow cemetery, April 2014
Flowers are smaller than a dime, resting at the top of a slender stem often poking up from a bed of dry grass; 4 petals, blue to purple-violet or white with a reddish-purple center and a yellow throat; always looking skyward. Blooms March-April.

Small Bluet, Kansas Wildflower
The tiny bluet is also known as the Star Violet or Tiny Bluet. It is a member of the genus Rubiaceae and Madder family.

There are even smaller species found in wet areas along creeks and river banks.

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